MAY 8, 2016: “Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?” …

…. ’cause sometimes they really DO need to “get to the other side”!

“Once upon a time we were drivin’ down the road after my family took me out for Mother’s Day. The next thing ya know, there was thing “thing” flailing about in the middle of our lane, so my husband pulled the car up onto the sidewalk and he and my son went to catch it. As it turned out, that “thing” was a baby chicken, so we took her home and made her a part of the family! It was all fun and games until one day we realized that our dog wanted to have her for dinner, so to “Chicken Land” she went to live happily ever after, and damn do miss that ‘lil chicken! She was the best “Chicken Nugget” a girl could’ve had and I will miss her forever and ever!”

~ The End ~