APRIL 15, 2017: “How A $10 Plant Taught Me A Lesson About All Of Creation” …

"My Fair Lady"
“My Fair Lady” … A $10 Costco Special!

I bought this girl (“My Fair Lady”) more than a year ago! She was tiny and adorable and only $10, and since Costco has an AMAZING return policy, I thought, “Hmmm, when it dies I can either return it, exchange it, or, I can just take it to Mom and she’ll probably be able to bring it back to life. That crazy plant lady mother of mine!” So, I put her in the cart and took her home. Guess what peeps?


So, HOW did I manage to keep an orchid alive? You know, an ORCHID? Notoriously one of the most difficult living things to keep alive. Umm, I did NOTHING! Nothing whatsoever! I put her in this vase, watered her randomly, stuck her in front of this window and checked in on her now and again. You may not be able to see them, but there are these two long “things” protruding from the soil that look like extra-large petrified worms: Yup, that’s literally what I thought they were. Giant worms growing from the soil. Honestly, once her first bloom dropped, I wasn’t even sure if she was alive or not. She just stood there in the window day after day looking bald and naked and quite indeed dead. At one point, I’d thrown her away. Right into the garbage she went, but a few hours later it was really bothering me that she was in the trash since I wasn’t 100% sure she was dead or not. So, I dug her back out and tried starting over with a new and improved life plan for her in case she was planning a resurrection. Well? She did!

BTW, “The Day Of The Worms” was a super fun-filled day at our house!

Giiiiiiaaaaaaa, come fast honey, PLEASE!

What mommy, WHAT?

Gia, there are these two long green things sticking out of that plant and I’m pretty sure they are worms and they look kind of stale so they might be dead but please honey, since you’re a nature person and I’m afraid of snakes or anything that crawls on its belly, can you look and see what they are? Then? I literally pushed my own child straight toward the windowsill and made HER go closer for the inspection. (I’m such a good mom, right?)

Umm, Mommy? They aren’t stale worms you silly child, they’re ROOTS. Come look!

I went closer, put my head down a little, then she PUSHED MY HEAD right towards the worms and I screamed. OMG, that kid!

So, I started to think about it, and I literally almost cried. How on Earth did I manage to keep this girl alive to the point where not only does she have the petrified earthworm roots, but bright, healthy green leaves AND a brand new “lower bloom” to boot (she started with only the one up top).

… aaand THIS is how I did it:

As stated before, I DID NOTHING! I didn’t worry about her too much or overthink “what to do” to keep her alive and healthy in my “everything has to look perfect” abode. I gave her the very basic things she needed, nothing more, nothing less, then set her in the Sunlight and let her do her thing, in her own time, and in her own way, and let her roots do all the rest. I DIDN’T SMOTHER HER WITH PERFECTION (although I do converse with and sing to her quite often)! That’s what I did. I let her be and let God do the rest and now she’s beautiful and flourishing! It’s so damn simple it’s actually maddening! It seems as though there are many OTHER areas of my life where I need to apply this principle as well, and starting today, I am really going to work on that. Wait? I think I just had epiphany! There’s a certain 6’2″, err, “potted plant” I happen to love very much who I’m certain needs me to stop smothering him as well.

"My Fair Lady"
Here she is again … STILL looking beautiful … healthy and thriving as of May 9, 2020!

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