SEPTEMBER 22, 2019: “The Birthday Gift I Didn’t Know I Needed” …


Dear Dee,

I AM ALMOST AT A LOSS FOR WORDS! Seeing you for the first time in so many years was so much more than a blessing. My daughter is already in love with you and seeing her open up and share with you the way she did was an even greater blessing, as she simply doesn’t do that very often. As for my birthday gift? Again, NO WORDS!

The best gift you gave me, however, was something even more precious than this quilt. It was in how you pointed out that somehow, buried deep beneath her STILL burning ashes is her DAD, their memories and the countless unconditional gifts he gave her after HER own dad made the conscious, selfish, decision in his very stable mind to “throw her away” as well. He didn’t put her in a trash can, and yes, he is still physically present for her. But he emotionally abandoned and vacated both of my kids’ lives in favor of some pretty face five years ago, as did he abandon ME when I needed him the most 20 plus years ago. I know it. Her brother knows it. SHE KNOWS IT. Her “dad” is gone now, having left her in the most egregious way. But, he’s not. Last night every fear I’d had that she was going to “forget the truth” faded into the wind just like he did. “My dad” she said. My. Dad! Their bond will somehow survive through all her pain and suffering, I just know it will forever.

Thank you for paying attention and THANK GOD she felt so comfortable talking to you. All her walls came down and she was just “Gia”. It was exactly what I needed and the BEST gift I got for my 50th birthday! I love you.