FEBRUARY 26, 2020: “Understanding People” …


I love this question. In my personal opinion, I believe that “some people” do understand people. “Some people” do not. It is also my opinion that the people who tend to “understand people” the most are those who understand themselves. Which is not to say that “understanding ourselves” is always easy. It’s not. The process of our “understanding of ourselves” begins at our first breath the day we are born, through other people’s lenses, perspectives, realities and experiences. Such that, if our first “understanding of ourselves” is through the eyes, words, thoughts and actions of emotionally mature, healthy and functional people, it is easier to get know and understand “who we really are”, and thus perpetuate that outwards to other people. “We are what we reflect”. So, whatever we see and understand in our own mirrors is what we tend to see and understand (or not see and understand) in others.

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