JUNE 6, 2020: “Into The Lion’s Den” …

lEOIt took me a minute to find the perfect words to memorialize a HUGE turning point in my life, especially given the magnitude of this decision and how it will ultimately and most definitely change the course of my life going forward. I’m goin’ in people …


By now you must know that there have been very few men in my life that have positively affected my journey. LESS THAN TWO HANDFULS! I’m a half a century old, and I’m not gonna lie, my experience with most men thus far as been dismal to say the least. As I’m sure you also know by now, my husband Zack has been the most influential man of my existence since walking into my life eleven years ago. But did you also know there’s been ANOTHER male presence in the background for the last five years that’s been running a pretty close second? 

Sean Whalen isn’t for everyone, and neither is his “Lions Den” coaching group. I’m not gonna lie, the guy is kinda severe! He’s famous for telling it exactly the way it is with VERY little sugar-coating for the truths that no one really wants to hear about themself, and he’s even more famous for ripping people brand assholes with the bullshit that comes from their own mouth. For me, however, his mentoring style, which is very much like that of my husband’s, with errrr, perhaps, a little more of a “kick”, lol, has thus far proven to be one the best parts of my journey. Perhaps the greatest irony in this whole thing is that when I first stumbled across one of Sean’s post five years ago (the one referenced in the video below), Zack kept saying:

“Just join The Den honey. Do it. I’m serious. Yah, maybe his delivery is a little rough around the edges, but his mindset is fucking genius. The reason his messages keep pissing you off is because they are deflecting things you don’t like about yourself right to you. He’s making you mad because what he’s saying is right and YOU CAN’T FUCKING STAND IT! You spend more on your coffee every day than it will cost you to officially join, so what are you waiting for? JUST DO IT!”

In my mind, however, “leading me” was my husband’s job, which, by the way, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, he did effectively and WELL! In fact, it wasn’t until Zack that I respected any man enough to let them lead me, so why the hell would I pay THIS Sean guy when I got free “coaching and mentoring” from my husband?

So, with that, I’ve decided to just let a short string of messages in  conjunction with the intro video I was required to make upon entrance to “The Den” speak to this turning point in my life on their own …


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