MAY 18, 2021: “Song Of Myself” …

When my son was 16 years old he started a process between the two of us wherein he would communicate his feelings to me by sending me songs. It fast became “a thing” with us, and to this day, even 15 years later, he still lets me know EXACTLY what’s going on in his head with music. Over the years, however, “the process” has morphed into so much more than just “me and him”. It’s about “me” too. These days? I communicate with ME with music! Singing myself LOVE SONGS is one of my favorite “Mental Wealth Hacks”. It’s a very powerful way to UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE YOURSELF BACK TO LIFE.


There’s a light in ME that tears me down to nothing. There’s an angel in MY eyes. There’s a hope inside THAT I CAN MAKE IT BETTER – I see right through MY disguise. When it rains it pours, and everybody stumbles. I won’t let them bring ME down. There’s a hope in ME that I will die for something. Was there fire in MY eyes? All this pain inside – Will it be this way forever? I can run but I can’t hide. When the seasons change … and I’M in for colder weather – look for ME on the divide … {Five Finger Death Punch}

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