AUGUST 21, 2021: “So Sorry, I’ve Dropped The Mic!” …

… and yet another Quora Question” that absolutely fascinated me:


Umm, I DON’T THINK ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DISABLE COMMENTS ON THEIR ANSWERS! I stay in my own lane, unless I’m asked a question, and let me tell you why …

“What others think about me”, or anyone else for that matter, is neither any of my business nor up for any debate. That being said, here’s what I think about people who spend their time thinking about people who disable their comments: In case some of you didn’t get that memo, lions really don’t concern themselves with the opinions of the sheep. Neither do queens, and I am one in the same, soo …

It took a lifetime to find the voice behind my sometimes obnoxious self-righteousness. BEEN THERE! DONE ALL OF IT! At this point, I believe I’ve earned the right to NOT have to argue with village idiots, unless, of course, I want to. As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the perks of being “Fifty-ONE-Derful”, soon to be “Fifty-TWO-Good-To-Be-True”, and not giving a flipping shit about anyone else’s “opinion” is just so frigging AWESOME! Not gonna lie, I probably take way too much pleasure pissing people off with my “Real Cat” truth bombs. It brings me such satisfaction knowing I’ve aggravated someone by not allowing them to throw their own mic back at me. When someone wants to argue with me for just for the sake of arguing, or better yet, defending or trying to justify some bullshit they’re trying to schlep? Nope, not interested. Thank you – drive through please.

But here’s the good news …

As overly righteous as I may ever be, not once have I claimed to be perfect. As a matter of fact, I’ve probably fucked way more things and people up than anyone else on their very worst day, and I’m not afraid to admit it! Many of my former BULLSHIT, toxic behaviors were abysmal and egregious to say the least. But you see, for all my personal smites and crimes, I have accounted for, acknowledged, and atoned for as much of the damage I’ve bestowed to both others and myself to the best of my ability. “Ignorance” is no longer my “bliss”!

Anyone who finds themselves at the receiving end of guilt, shame, or anger after reading something I wrote? That’s about THEM, not about ME, so they’ll just need to check their deflection in the mirror before they have to spend a shit ton of time going back to the people they’ve fucked over with their own “accounting, acknowledging, and atoning”! BEEN THERE! DONE THAT, TOO! Those were not my best days ever. In the meantime, maybe, just maybe, someone will actually learn from my many mistakes.

For the record, I 2,000% know that many of my “opinions, truths, thoughts and beliefs” are neither ideal or realistic, and that some of them may just, be, WRONG! But they’re mine, ALL MINE, I earned them, I own them, I REAPED THEM, I SEWED THEM, and I stand by every seemingly acrimonious thing I say.


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