DECEMBER 20, 2019: “We Survive With Hope” …


GIA: Mom, would there be any way we could go to the store after I get out of group tonight and grab a few things so I can put some Christmas bags together for my Hope kids? If your tired I promise I will do all the work and I can even pay for it myself. All I need you to do is drive me to the store and I can take it from there.

ME (HEART MELTING): Ummm, daughter? I think you just gave me the greatest Christmas gift I never knew I needed.

Not even broken wings will stop my little Phoenix from rising so far above this mire! After everything this child has been through (some of which most of you will NEVER know)? She has her mother’s heart, soul, spirit and courage, only, just so much more – BETTER! I am an SUCH an incredibly lucky woman to get to be the one who claims the honor: “Look at what I’ve done … this light I’ve created unto a very dark world.”



OCTOBER 25, 2019: “You Can’t Stop The Girl” …

IMG_8942{Artwork by The Phoenix Collaborative}

… that moment you and your daughter sit holding hands in tears after finding THE perfect theme song at the tail end of THE BEST MOVIE EVER eleven years to the day you first crossed paths with the one who swooped down and picked you both up for the MOST bittersweet flight of your lives, only to have to leave you behind with not only the ashes he tried so hard not to burden you with but all the strength and courage you could possibly ever need to rise so far above them that only God Himself knows how high you’ll possibly fly, because if you’ve both learned anything in 64 combined years of pain, sorrow, wisdom and beauty, it’s that there is NOTHING more powerful than The Truth, which ultimately becomes The Light, which is the ONE thing that can kill the darkness in us all. Our story might not have ended like the fairytale we always thought it would, but once this book is finally finished it will be the stuff that legends are made of. Goodnight everyone. (And yes, that was the longest sentence in the history of the world.)


“Oh, they tryna shoot down angels. They tryna pull their wings off so they can’t fly.  And, oh, but she’s so brave though. Just like a tornado. She’s taking us by storm! You can’t stop the girl from going. You can’t stop the world from knowing! The truth will set you free, oh! You can’t stop the girl from going! You can’t stop the world from knowing! The truth will set you free, oh. You can’t stop the girl! Oh, they tryna take our voices. They tryna make our choices, so we scream loud, loud, loud! And, oh, I know you feel the lightnin’, and it’s so excitin’. So, here we come! It’s good enough for right now!” – Bebe Rexha