OCTOBER 8, 2021: “At Home In The Queendom” …

“Hi everyone, it’s me, CAT!”

So, take a wild guess what the best thing I possess is? If you guessed, “Free reign over the truly divine peace in my soul and the most beautiful Queendom a mortal woman could possibly reign over”, you would be correct!

I mean, don’t get me wrong – GOD owns my soul, and Jesus paid for it’s salvation, but the Holy Spirit brought the kingdom to dwell here right inside my body, which makes ME the safest fortress I’ve ever had, ever will have, and the LUCKIEST queen in the history of mankind! As it turns out, it was me, and only ever me, who my soul was meant to return to. I am my own home, and the fire in my soul is the centerpiece.


Wherever I am …

Wherever I go …


I once heard it said that everything feels like home when you fall in love with someone who loves you back, and knowing what I know about life, love, and everything in between now, nothing could be further from the truth. But what if the most important person you could ever possibly fall in love with is yourself? I mean, honestly people! The one place I always feel “at home” these days is anywhere I am with ME!

I promise I’m not bragging, but it’s a spectacular Queendom in which I reign … “alone, NOT lonely” … just me, myself, and my two best friends: Me and Jesus! Yup, that’s right, people. I’m a Jesus loving FREAK, I am, with a divinely punctuated soul that’s on FIRE every single place I dwell. I wouldn’t want to be any other way or in any other place than anywhere that me and Him go. I gotta tell ya … it’s pretty frigging awesome being God’s actual favorite daughter!

DECEMBER 19, 2020: “I’m Gonna Love You” …

James kisses Margaret before he comes to see us. James kisses Margaret before he does pretty much anything.

{The Daily James}

Dear God:

Earlier today I got my saw this video on my Instagram feed, which I’m sure You already knew. Knowing my heart the way You do, You also already knew how taken I was, once again, by the way James literally bows to that Queen he loves so desperately, yet at the same time, no matter how high he places her above himself, he is only ever right beside her. As You and I both know, and as I finally got to learn in the most ethereal way, when a king loves a queen love so deep and so true that each of their hearts but serve the other, the balance of power is never a struggle and there is no “servitude” whatsoever.

As we have already discussed, You know that I know that I trust You implicitly. You and he both made me a queen, and there is no going back to where I came from. I will not and cannot settle for anything less than everything where another partner on this journey is concerned, and I’d rather reign here “alone, but not lonely” if that’s what Your plan shall be. That being said, if indeed there “one last king on Earth” You have waiting for me somewhere, can I please just ask that he really be a king. Like You. Like Zack. LIKE KING JAMES THE RAVEN …


It’s an impossible order, but hey, look Who I am talking to! I’ve had two kings before, and three is the perfect number, so maybe, just maybe, we shall see. In the meantime, I will just have to wait for the moments like these when the image of two love birds washes over me. “Just a chill in a winter breeze, standing in the cold debris that left behind so many beautiful memories.” Like every word that has left Your lips, and those of my beautiful husband, there are fingerprints everywhere to evidence the love that has committed me right back to “here”. I really do only want to be remembered for being that one who will always ever say “I’m gonna love you … I’m gonna love you endlessly” to that one last king who may be waiting to fly the remainder of my heart into eternity.

James almost always positions his head right below Margaret.

{The Daily James}


Something still comes over me. Just a chill in a winter breeze. Standing in the cold debris left behind a memory. Every word that left your lips left behind your fingerprints. Every crime that love commits brings you right back here to this. I only want to be remembered for being the one who’d always say that I’m gonna love you … I’m gonna love you endlessly. I’ll never be one to yell surrender as long as you’re standing next to me. ‘Cause I’m gonna love you. I’m gonna love you endlessly. No escaping this embrace every time I see your face. Around the love I can’t erase. Wouldn’t want to anyway. I only want to be remembered for being the one who’d always say that I’m gonna love you … I’m gonna love you endlessly. {David Cook}

If you are interested in supporting the causes closest to “The King & Queen’s” hearts:


DECEMBER 5, 2020: “In The Kingdom” …

The God I serve doesn’t make anyone but kings and queens! You just have to find a way to see yourself through His eyes and let your blind faith do all the rest! For the record, I’m an ecumenical abuser when it comes to ideals about humanity …


… just because the words say “she”, “her”, and “woman”, it doesn’t mean the same words can’t apply to “man”. As for me? The mindset of a KING is the only one that will work for a queen, and the only one I will allow inside my atmosphere going forward!

If you are reading this right now, may you self-realize this entire day, rest well the entire night, then wake up in the morning with the mindset that you are royalty! Self-evaluate, REALIZE YOUR WORTH, and never sell yourself or your soul short of anything less than EVERYTHING! (And, NO, I’m not just talking about “stuff”!) Then someday very soon I hope you find yourself standing in the mirror saying THESE words to YOU:

You’re moving different and your price is going up. You AREN’T afraid to leave anyone behind. You ARE authentic and courageous. You ARE the type of human being most love but get intimidated by because you know EXACTLY what you want. Take some time for YOU today to recharge and soak in the glorious solitude of YOU!


This is the kingdom. KINGDOM! Everybody’s building empires. Building walls high in the name of glory. Everybody’s hanging high wires. It’s a fine line, it’s an age-old story. The first will be last, and the last will be kings. The small will be great, and the great will be weak. Everybody’s building empires, but it’s our time! This is the kingdom. Heaven coming down to the corners of the Earth. This is the kingdom! Come alive in us! Gonna light up this whole world. This is for freedom. FREEDOM! To break off every chain. This is the kingdom. Blessed are the bound and broken. You’re a citizen, and your faith will prove it. Blessed are the persecuted, and the wounded. You’ll be crowned as rulers. Everything else is gonna fade away. We stand together … one heart, one voice, one name. It stands forever. {Skillet}

NOVEMBER 30, 2020: “Another One Bites The Dust” …

Well, thank you kindly “Dr. X”! But, hey, you should see my heart … and my mind … and my soul … and my steadfast loyalty and servitude. Especially since those are the ONLY things about me that will stand the test of time, age and gravity. Oh well …


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … I’M THE NICEST BITCH YOU’LL EVER MEET. AND I’m a queen who will HAPPILY reign alone on this Earth for as long as I’m allowed to live here if there isn’t “one last king” waiting somewhere for me with a much better opening line than …

“You’re so pretty.”

Thank you so very much.


Yours truly …