I read one of your answers on Quora – I can totally relate to some of your writing.


Cat I can’t thank you enough for your inspiration. Read you on Quora and was trying to figure out how to send a message in hopes that we might correspond; possibly speak one day. Your writing and life experiences resonate heavily with me. Considering all that I have survived and still be alive to not… Continue reading R. Weiner

R. Weiner

Hi Cat. My name is Peter. I came across your webpage and story. I admire your bravery and nothing but respect from one human being to another. I too have been through a lot in life so I have empathy and sympathy for others. I’m 40 years old. I’m a certified peer counselor as I… Continue reading Peter


I have been trying to follow you ever since we met in the Shinedown group and talked only to find out we had a lot of life in common. I’m not sure if you remember me it was not very long after your husband’s suicide and you were actually working out when we FaceTime lol.… Continue reading K. Gibson

K. Gibson

I discovered you via Quora while reading the article you wrote on your husband. Abandonment or being ignored during childhood has ramifications that last a lifetime. I could feel your husband’s pain while reading your article.

W. Mays

Not for the faint of heart, this lady bares her soul in her posts. We were a bus load of family with she and her husband one beautiful week in France. Friendships were made and lives were touched, and Cat has touched me like no other. It is from her heart she shares her journey.… Continue reading Arlie M.

Arlie M.

God has led our souls to find each other and I needed HIM to do so. Your words, as Ivan’s are too, are the journals my mind has endured for my lifetime. Yes, it’s lonely there. I am no longer seeking just survival but a new set of wings. Thank you.

Tina F.

I was struggling with many issues. I can only say God took me to your blog, and helped me understand thing I never thought I’d went through. Thank you for sharing so many details, so many memories. I always thought to myself, if my pain saves someone from going through this, it’s worth it. It… Continue reading F. Morrison

F. Morrison