The Girl With The Paper Dolls

There once was a girl with three paper dolls. Oh MY was she a beautiful girl. “Just perfect” some would say, and so were her dolls magnificent in every way. “They’re my little gifts from Heaven” the girl would proclaim as she danced them about in the light! She loved her paper dolls and cared for them well whenever the moment would suit her. “They’re my three bestest friends in the whole wide world who are always here when I’m bored!” So she’d dress them up pretty and put them on display and pretend to be such a good mommy! There were so many others that were jealous of the girl and their eyes would turn green with envy. So they’d say many prayers every morning, noon and night, “Dear God please can I have dolls of my own?” Indeed she was the luckiest girl in the world!

The girl worked hard to get the dolls what she thought they needed, like lollipops and rainbows and all the shiniest, prettiest things. But the dollies didn’t care much for the lollipops or rainbows and didn’t really need any “things”. They just wanted her, and only ever her, and none of the things that money could buy. She was such a special girl with so many talents and the dolls were just happy when she was near.

But alas, when she wasn’t chasing lollipops and rainbows she would play with them for a while and be done. Then back on the shelf the dollies would go until the next time she felt like playing. “Off goes our mommy to find lollipops and rainbows and visit her fine and fancy friends!” Then tears fell from their eyes as she’d twirl towards the door with the stars in her eyes twinkling bright. The oldest looked after the middle, and the middle after the youngest, and such was their life on the shelf. “Don’t worry,” they would say, “surely she’ll be back, but until then we’ll take care of each other!”

As the little girl got older, so did the dolls, who always felt lonely and sad. They just didn’t understand why they weren’t as special as the lollipops and pretty rainbows. “They’ll be okay,” she would say to herself as she’d leave them again and again. “Surely they know that I love them as much as all my lollipops and shiny rainbows!”

But the dolls didn’t know this, as she would never stay long enough to fulfill their longing for her presence. “She said we were gifts from Heaven, so why aren’t we enough? Maybe we’re just not that special.” Then the cycle continued, ever more and again, and this was the way it was.

The years passed by and the dolls left their shelf, one after another they went. “Where did my dollies go,” the little girl would cry, “I loved them so very, very much!” By then it was too late, though, and they’d left her far behind feeling empty and terribly forsaken. They’d gone out to the world looking for homes and paper dolls of their very own. But the sad truth was that the dollies were confused between “real love” and “lollipops and rainbows”. They got hurt many times and struggled to find friends who wouldn’t just play with them like toys.

The moral of this story is that if you ever get paper dolls, don’t treat them like they’re just made of paper. Love them to life and teach them what is real because life isn’t just a fun game. Besides, lollipops eventually melt, and at the end of every day even rainbows are only an illusion.