I’m a Velveteen Rabbit turned “Warrior, Motivator, SURVIVOR;” … a Phoenix still rising from burning ashes. After a long first fifty long years of heartache, pain, self-loathing, shame and grief, all I really want for the next fifty years is to become a Light unto the Darkness and a living embodiment of empathy and compassion for the human spirit. Some of you may not like the places I have been or the places I have still yet to go, and guess what? THAT’S OKAY! “What people think of me” is none of my business anyway and that little nugget is perhaps one my most prized possessions. These are my truths, many of which started as lies, and this is how I “became real”. I’ve been keeping so many secrets that have made me so very sick and SECRETS WILL MAKE ME SICK NO LONGER! Thank you for sticking this out with me if you so choose and welcome to the Pages of my life!

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