Hi Everyone! It’s Me ~ Cat!

The REAL Cat Williamson … a “Warrior. Motivator. SURVIVOR;” from Dallas, Texas, USA. After a first 50 years of unbelievable heartache, pain and trauma, not the least of which was my husband’s suicide in August of 2019, I’m rising like a phoenix into the rest of my journey with my “Only Light Can Kill The Darkness” message of faith, hope and strength as a living embodiment of what the human spirit can endure! My “Survival Resume” includes:

Eating Disorder
▪️Physical Disfigurement
Loss Of A Child
▪️Life With A Narcissist
▪️Personal Suicide Attempt
Death Of A Significant Other
▪️Suicide Of A Spouse

Some of you may not like the places I have been or the places I have still yet to go. Guess what? THAT’S OKAY! What any of you think of me is none of my business, and that little nugget is one my most prized possessions. These are my truths, many of which started as lies, and this is how I became REAL. I’ve kept so many secrets that used to make me sick, but SECRETS MAKE ME SICK NO LONGER! Thank you for riding this out with me if you choose to, and welcome to the Pages of my life!