FEBRUARY 20, 2022: “The Chronicles Of McHoovery” …

At this point, the “Chronicles Of McHoovery” are getting kinda funny. Be it known, however, that although this Diary entry is dated February 20, 2022, because that’s when the little fucker called me yet again, I didn’t find it on my phone until a week later.

Why is that you ask? Well, my friends, “Catherine Marie” (throwing up in my own mouth) has left the building, Satan is BLOCKED and DISREGARDED, and long gone are the days that I go digging through the refuse for things I can trash to treasure.

Well, wait! I take that back. In case you didn’t already know this, rebirthing and reinventing “useless things” back to purposeful, fabulous, “phoenixed” lives is one of my utmost favorite past times, but only if the garbage I decide to invest in is truly worth my time and attention.

Meanwhile …

Yah. I Jean-Claude Van Damn BET you’d “enjoy visiting with me”, this living queen no longer associates herself with the devil’s spawn. So, no, THANK YOU you inglorius LITTLE bastard, ’cause I’m not gonna lie, I’m probably enjoying this game a little too much now.




K, bye!

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