FEBRUARY 17, 2022: “Talking To Girls” …

My son has been “on the market” for going on 15 years now if you count back to age 16, and so far there has only been one who I truly and dearly loved (and still very much do). But umm, Jean-Claude Van DAMN she was definitely NOT “the one” for him. Those two took “toxic” to a totally different level, not to mention the fact that they were both literally just kids when they met.

Now, fast forward to “here we are” fifteen long years later, and I’m sitting here literally praying that he’s finally learning how to talk to girls, because God Himself knows he didn’t always have the best examples of that. When Zack came along, he literally flipped the game board of our lives upside down for the better, “talking to girls” took on a whole different meaning, and Christian finally had a good example.

Meanwhile … THIS girl? She’s literally turning him inside out in all the best ways possible, and I’d be lying my face off if I said I wouldn’t actually kill him if he lets her get away. A mother can dream, right? I guess that only time will tell.