AUGUST 20, 2020: “The Brightness Settles In” …

“Acoustics In The Desert”

Dear Ivan:

I just had one of the worst fucking days in the last year of my suicide widow journey. Sent our daughter to high school with only his ashes sewn into her blazer, over her heart. It was just – FUCKED. I heard this song on the way back home and it set the tone for the entire day. Got some tears out that I guess needed to go. Saturday is “the day”. At “just before midnight”, it will be a year that he left us. That’s when I’ll finally let her read the letter he wrote her that she still hasn’t read, at which point I’ll finally let her hear The Brighter Side Of Grey, which, she’s been forbidden to listen to until it was time. Thank you, as usual, for helping me find my fucking words. And my tears. And my heart. And the Brighter Side Of Grey.

~ Real Cat ❤️