“K. Gibson”

I have been trying to follow you ever since we met in the Shinedown group and talked only to find out we had a lot of life in common. I’m not sure if you remember me it was not very long after your husband’s suicide and you were actually working out when we FaceTime lol. I’m reaching out because I realized that you weren’t getting my response to the emails I receive. Just wanted to say hi and check in with you and your daughter to see how she’s doing? Please let her know that she has someone routing for her and is proud of her for finding a way to “Carry On”!!! Supernatural is one of my all time favorite shows and I had the last episode months ago on Netflix and it took me several tries to watch it because I didn’t want it to be over. I’m also a survivor of suicide and it was my daughters father and uncle. Not to mention the other terrible things I’ve made it through but that’s what makes us Warriors!!! I hope you’re doing well and if you remember me we can actually talk again because I miss our conversations we really clicked. Much Love Xoxo