Hi Cat. My name is Peter. I came across your webpage and story. I admire your bravery and nothing but respect from one human being to another. I too have been through a lot in life so I have empathy and sympathy for others. I’m 40 years old. I’m a certified peer counselor as I live with mental health issues. I don’t work in the field now though. I’ve have many traumas in childhood and lots of personal battles I’ve dealt with as an adult. I admire so much those such as yourself willing to share . I want to do more of that myself such as being a speaker for NAMI for mental health issues , maybe making a blog. Just for for the fact that I am writing you to show my respect for you and your family means that there are many others out there that would feel the same way and are good people. What I notice and I don’t know if it has always been like this but many people don’t like talking to others etc. You have a great attitude!