“R. Weiner”

Cat I can’t thank you enough for your inspiration. Read you on Quora and was trying to figure out how to send a message in hopes that we might correspond; possibly speak one day. Your writing and life experiences resonate heavily with me. Considering all that I have survived and still be alive to not talk [much] about it, All I can do is be thankful. Will much appreciate a message from you when you have time. I’m still in the fight; not sure how much longer before my time is up and that’s not at all a veiled suicidal statement; more of an acceptance that my declining health may mean I have less time than I wish I had. My greatest wish is that I could be an instrument of suicide prevention for fellow veterans, and I may have the vehicle to realize that dream if only my health will hold up… Meanwhile hoping to hear from you and looking forward to dialog. Thanks and much love to you from my world and from above.