SUMMER OF 1994: “Better Days” …


For the moment at least I was footloose and fancy free in my own little world, happily avoiding all the meatier issues in my life and enjoying my newly single status. ENTER STAGE LEFT: “John”. A man who I quickly fell for in a barely comprehensible way. How to describe him? How to describe that two years of my life? Honestly? I really can’t, but in a nutshell: He was the extremely handsome, charismatic charmer who was managing the Gold’s Gym I belonged to at the time who knew all the rights things to say at all the right times. Initially things went well, and our relationship progressed rather quickly. He seemed to genuinely care about my son and I, and the three of us spent a lot of time together. Naïve as I was back then, I saw no harm in this, as I truly believed that he was going to be a permanent fixture in our lives and I thought I truly loved him. If only I’d known what really lied beneath and that I’d actually one of The Devil’s Own.


Sit down child and I’ll you a story, whatever you do just please don’t cry. All these things are true I’ve said and do are just for you and I want you to know that I couldn’t breath without you, sleep without you, by my side, tell me it’s alright. And I will take your pain away and carry on to better days, and I will see this debt repaid if I can make it through the day. Seeing faith can take you so far, but it’s you alone that walks through the land, but in knowing in your heart of hearts, do you know that this is your final step? Seeing premonitions, bleeding visions, telling me to take that final step? {The Leo Project}