FEBRUARY 14, 2010: “The Panther, The Tiger, The Dragon, The Angels” …


Unbeknownst to either of us, we had each planned to “gift each other” with tattoos representing the other this Valentine’s Day. I had secretly done mine on Friday, February 12th and “surprised me” the Saturday night before I wrote him this letter, February 13th, by taking me to “CAT Tattoo” in Addison where he had booked an appointment with the lead artist and owner the month prior. (The tiger is him and the two carps are me and Gia.) When we first arrived in Addison for his appointment I was literally shocked at how in sync our minds and hearts were at the time, but then quickly made the decision NOT to reveal that I too had “surprised him” with my own tattoo until the following night which was actually Valentine’s Day. After reading my letter he stopped for a pause, and then said, “But wait. The panther, the tiger, the dragon, the angels? I don’t understand about the panther.” At which point I revealed mine to him. It was beyond ethereal!

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