OCTOBER 2, 2015: “Just Be Humble And Kind” …

Be Kind

Over the past few days I’ve discovered that at least four different people I know have been going through some pretty tough stuff for QUITE some time. They are amongst the most beautiful, cherished friends I’ve made along the way, each of whom have been “smiling, sunshining, lollipops and rainbows” as far as the unsuspecting world can tell, but torn apart and struggling behind closed doors. I had no idea!

Please be aware that every single second of every single minute as we are going on about our lives as though we are the only ones in it, someone we know is breaking inside. Even that stranger beside you at the grocery store who seems “pleasant enough” on the surface could be hurting.

I said a prayer this morning after I cried for a while in my car thinking about all of this. I am such a blessed human women who spent seventeen years “smiling and hiding” behind a seemingly perfect facade such that no one realized I was dying inside and about five minutes away from LITERALLY killing myself because it was the only thing I could think of to make my heart stop physically aching from all the pain I was feeling. I love all you people, and the ones of you who this refers to, please know that I see you, I heard you, and I’m aware! I hope the world is kind to you today, and tomorrow, and that you know you are not alone in your pain, because I can feel it too!

{PS} EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! I know those words are hard to digest when you’re in the middle of a nightmare, but it’s true just the same. If you ever need a hug from a former “mental patient” who, as it turned out, wasn’t so much a “mental patient” as much as just a broken little girl, PLEASE CALL ME! I will be there, hands down, no questions asked. Meanwhile, this post is my hug!