JULY 30, 2020: “Because Some Things Are Just Meant To Be” …


… that moment your son’s high school sweetheart (who to this day is like another daughter to you) sends you these pictures of a handmade gift from your daughter that she’s “treasured” for more than a decade that she found while unpacking herself into the new home you helped her find.

Today has been such a blessing for me as I’ve been reminded at every turn of just how many blessings I’ve had in my life. I could wax poetic about the relationship the two of us have forged through the years, but sufficed to say, she’s as much of a treasure to me as the kids I actually gave birth to. Perhaps the most ironic part of “our story” is the mere fact that when he first brought her home to me a decade ago, I LITERALLY COULDN’T STAND HER! She was in my son’s life for “a season”, but we’ve both long known in our hearts that although their young relationship in high school wasn’t meant to be forever, she and I absolutely were! 

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