SEPTEMBER 29, 2012: “The Day Of The Golden Mouse Ears!” …

THIS is the moment we’d been hoping for, waiting for, working for, saving for, and praying for!

Our First REAL Family Vacation!

It was a complete and total surprise for Bug this morning when woke her up to a fully packed suitcase and a trip to the airport wherein we blindfolded her upon arrival so she wouldn’t be able to figure out where we were going. Until, that is, we boarded the plane and the amazing flight attendant who we’d made our partner in this crime showed up at our seats and handed her THE GOLDEN MOUSE EARS! It was one of THE most magical moments of our lives!

We planned it for this week to celebrate both our birthdays, but I actually managed to surprise him with a secondary excursion down to Tangelo Park so we could scratch off one of his Bucket List: HE WANTED TO SWIM WITH DOLPHINS!

A very special thanks to both my mom and sister and “the man who raised my husband”, Rick Scauzillo. Without all of your true generosity, we wouldn’t have been able to do this. We are overwhelmed and blessed!