OCTOBER 18, 2018: “Icarus” …

I once had wings of wax and gold. To the Sun my soul was sold. My freedom burned blisters on my skin. My cold heart begged for the warmth to be let in. These wings will surely be able to withstand the fire. My heart will grow warmer once I climb higher. As I fell I laughed and screamed and cried. At least I had been free when I died.

“Second Phoenix Rising”

This was written by my daughter today (the second phoenix rising) unbeknownst to me until it was revealed the day after one of the most bittersweet days of my life, December 25, 2019. Perhaps the greatest irony here is that I have long been fixated with the ill-fated “Flight Of Icarus” and his toxic relationship with his father, as evidenced here with this drawing of mine, Circa 1990, from the “32 Sketches“, Circa 1990. This glimpse into the burning embers and fire of her soul have now become one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Some day “my gift” will be “your gift”, and by that I mean “a gift unto this world”, as The Light I’ve sought so desperately in this otherwise very dark place will live out loud through her. She’s the culmination of every one of my failings, disgraces, accomplishments and achievements, and the truth behind all the lies I’ve searched so hard to find. 

My daughter.

My legacy.