DECEMBER 16, 2019: “Everyone’s Just Trying To Get Home” …

by Charles Mackesy

Leave it to my daughter to bring one of the greatest and most impactful treasures of my journey thus far into my world this weekend. Unbeknownst to me, Gia had stumbled upon Charles Mackesy, a few months back, and has been literally clinging to his mindsets like a buoy in the dead of night. While I was out working yesterday, she spent the afternoon with some friends at the mall, which led her to Barnes & Noble, and thus the latest and greatest discovery of my life!

Mackesy is a creative, empathetic, and insightful muse, and the words he has impeccably strung together are magical. My daughter and I have now tattooed these mindsets that we’ve already shared for so long onto our hearts forever. This book and it’s wisdoms are our life song, the depths of our realities, and exactly “who we are and what we aspire to be”.

Do yourself a favor and gift this book to yourself or someone you love for Christmas. Don’t just download it, though. You simply HAVE to buy the book, hold the book, see the pictures, and touch the pages in order for it to work its magic! It will, perhaps, be the kindest “kindness” you’ll have ever shown yourself and perhaps even the beginning of your own journey “home”.

In the meantime, Dear GOD, please tell me that I’m right and that HE has finally made it Home. It’s all he ever really wanted. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. It’s all ANY of us have ever wanted … to just get HOME.

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