NOVEMBER 8, 2020: “Yes, Indeed – SO Good To Me” …

Soooo, can I just tell you what amazing thing happened to me this morning?


It’s funny too, because as I was laying in bed and listening to them stirring, I thought, “But damn, I’m not READY to get up!”

So, I said to the jar sitting beside me on the nightstand where the King is now resting peacefully, “What I wouldn’t give for your Sunday coffee and eggs.” (The man brought me coffee every single day from our first married morning in his apartment until his very last day on this Earth.) The next thing I know, I hear them down in the kitchen and smell some fresh coffee brewing. I chuckled to myself, “And now here we are now … she’s finally reached the COFFEE stage of her life!”

The NEXT thing I know, she walks into my room and says, “YASSS queen, you’re staying in here until I say so!”

“What! Why? What’s wrong out there? What did you do?”

Ten minutes later, this “Sunday coffee and eggs” magically showed up on my lap!

I’m so blessed that it’s not even fair, and God truly has been so good to me! Every woman alive should feel this highly revered right now, though I’m sadly aware that not all do. Sufficed to say, that indeed it is true that “MINDSET REALLY IS EVERYTHING”! My King may be gone, but my reign is far from over, as not a day has gone by, nor will it ever, that I don’t remind myself of exactly who I am: AN ACTUAL LIVING QUEEN!

Make it a great Sunday everyone! I’m still “Christmasing” here at Williamson Manor … and trust me … IT GONE BE GOOD! I’ll blog it later, but in the meantime, much love to you and yours! And remember …