FEBRUARY 26, 2021: “You Is Good! You Is Kind!” …


Hi everyone, it’s me, your friendly, neighborhood “REAL CAT” with some life hacks for ya … not the LEAST of which is


Before the clock strikes that hour when your beloved is gonna walk through your door, slap some lipstick on it, brush your teeth, and give that lucky person driving home to you right now a ‘lil somethin’ to look forward to! Oh, and clean out your jewelry box! Okay, that’s it!


If you’ve never seen “The Help“, I cannot recommend it enough. Not only is a MAJOR lesson for those who don’t fully understand the TRUTH about American history, but Viola Davis is probably one of my favorite actors of all times. Her portrayal of “Aibileen Clark” (who I mistakenly said was “Minnie” in the video) literally changed the way I speak to myself, EVERY, single, day – AND – the way that I hope MY daughter and HER daughters will “self talk” themselves for as long as my legacy lives on. Just thought I’d share.

… what my “talk to myself time” used to look like. That was then. This is now.

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