MARCH 24, 2021: “This Can’t Go Wrong” …

… ’cause the best laid plains just CAN’T go wrong … RIGHT?

Nope, I don’t want to be exposed “to the places no one goes”, and I will never again allow myself to “feel like a leper”! I won’t allow myself to be left behind in the caves I used to hide in from all the pressure, and as far as all those people who foolishly and fruitlessly attempted to arm-chair quarterback diagnose my “darkness”? As it turns out, it wasn’t really “darkness” in me after all. It was just the beautiful Light burning deep within my soul that burnt out all their eyeballs and made it look like I was “dark”! MY BRIGHTNESS FRIGGING BLINDED THEM! Only fire can survive fireeverything else just disintegrates!

I’ll betcha that twenty dollars I found in the laundry that I’m gonna be JUST fine as I walk through the doors of Bonefish tonight and laugh straight in the face of “adversity”. Nothing, no one, NEVER, EVER, NEVER is gonna steal this joy from my heart, the precious memories that are MINE, or the glorious CROWN on my “Real Cat” head! I, love, my, LIFE! Every single “beautifully chaotic” second of it. My reputation DOES proceed me … and that’s JUST the way that it is!

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