MARCH 23, 2021: “Taking The Crown” …

Just sending out a smoke signals out to all my fellow kings and queens! In case no one has told you this today …




“Let’s state the obvious right now”, you’ll be victorious! You’ll take the crown (just like you’ve always done before). Keep digging in, THEY’LL STEP AROUND, ’cause in the end you will stand your ground!

And remember …

It’s okay to scream out loud that you are WAY TOO GOOD for assholes and their toxic bullshit! It doesn’t make you egotistical – it makes you SELF-RESPECTFUL! If you are in my “virtual circle” and therefore reading this right now, chances are that you too are a badass in your own right, otherwise we wouldn’t be virtually connected. DON’T LET ANYONE LOWER YOU TO THEIR “SURFACE LEVEL”. Make them rise to you, OR LEAVE THEM DOWN AT THE BOTTOM!

Rise up. Fly high. Advocate for yourself in everything you do and don’t accept anything that’s not EVERYTHING! Keep your chin up, knuckles out, and head WAY up above the clouds! Trust me when I tell you, the oxygen is MUCH better here – especially when you’ve taken the crown!

Okay, that’s all!

Love Cat