JANUARY 9, 2021: “Drinking Straw Parasites” …

… and now a word from our sponsor:

Just thought I’d share this lovely PSA for your reading enjoyment! Are YOU letting parasites and LEECHES drink from your straws and feast on your life blood?

Good grief, I truly hope not. As for me, I stopped handing out my straws so freely a few years ago. It wasn’t immediate, of course, but rather, quite the gradual and painful process. Setting boundaries was difficult for me, because I’m an empath, and despite what some choose to believe, I don’t take pleasure from either hurting people or seeing people hurt. Even so, the “Hi everyone, it’s me, CAT! Here … take one my straws” days are gone and OVER! There was a time not too long ago that I didn’t even realize how valuable my straws were, so I’d hand them to practically anyone.

That was then!


This me” and “that me” seem to have finally come full circle, and I suppose in many ways I’ve now become a raving biotch. I also suppose, however, that it just depends on who’s near me and my straws! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m an actual living QUEEN, and queens don’t take scraps or bullshit from anyone!

These days, I’ll only ever give what I will get back, because my time, effort, attention, and energy are some of the most precious commodities around. My straws are reserved for other kings and queens, and I don’t do toxic with anyone. I’m Jean-Claude Van DAMN kinda too good for it:

Hi everyone, it’s me, – CAT! I am THE nicest BITCH you’ll ever wanna know, but these drinking straws of mine are PRICELESS. So, if you really, REALLY want one of ’em, you best bring your A-Game for me, ’cause momma ain’t playin’ around no MO! I’m in this to WIN it, and lions don’t associate with sheep. Unless, of course, they’re having them for dinner! But hey, THAT’S a different story for another day!

Now then, please do enjoy this all too fitting drinking straw parasite serenade from perhaps my favorite “don’t you DARE take BULLSHIT from ANYONE” sponsors of all: The one … the only … the man, the myth, the legendTHE IVAN!

K … Bye!