NOVEMBER 4, 2021: “The Bullshit On Your Driveway” …

Wait! NO! Not what if I told you …


It’s not always easy to see through all the BULLSHIT piling up in front of you, especially when it’s being dumped by family, friends, and loved ones. This I know too well! But lemme ask you this

Was there ever a time that you could define? Tell me was there ever a time that you could refine what was boiling deep inside you? What was building up inside you? So what’ll you do when none of it’s true? Ya gonna go and break the mirror you thought was you while it’s coming down around you? It’s all falling down around you! If I took away your one excuse? Helped you down and cut the noose? Would you leave it all behind you? Could you leave this all behind you? If you tore away the tourniquet and put yourself in front of it? Could you leave this all behind you? Would you leave this all behind you? Tell me was there ever a way, ever a day, you could have simply walked away or talked your way out of what was changing deep inside you? Rearranging what’s inside you? While you’re lookin’ around for someone to blame, I hear that you been running around dropping my name while the ship you’re on is sinking. What the fuck have you been thinking?
{“Leave It All Behind” … Five Finger Death Punch}

Look, you have to forgive them for the mounds of stinking bullshit they left for you to deal with. All of it … EVERY PIECE OF IT! If not for them, FOR YOU! And no, I’m not saying that you have to leave your loved ones completely behind in your dust in order to get to the other side of the mountain. Well, at least not always that is, because, umm, let’s face it – SOMETIMES YOU ACTUALLY DO – but that’s a different story for another day.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … blood may be thicker than water, but if it’s either too thick or too thin it can literally be a death sentence, and life’s too short to die of treatable diseases. That same principal applies to “drinking straw parasites” and energy vampires, who, too, are “unfortunately” contagious.

At the end of the day, whether it’s just letting certain people go, driving away and never looking back, or driving away to a safe distance, the first step to leaving anything behind is simply turning the key, starting the engine, stepping on the pedal and DRIVING!