NOVEMBER 7, 2021: “The Stranger In The Mirror” …

DEFLECTION: Loosely defined, “attempting to draw attention away from oneself and put that attention onto another person.” GOT IT!

PROJECTION: Also loosely defined, “a defensive mechanism by which we displace our feelings onto a person, animal, or object.” This is one of Sigmund Freud’s ‘lil nuggets, by the way, about how some people deal with their lack of self-esteem and feelings of insecurity and adequacy. GOT THAT, TOO!


Either “loosely defined”, or not so “loosely defined”, depending on where you are in my “Understanding People For Dummies 101” process. This right here is one of “Life According To Real Cat’s” ‘lil nuggets, by the way …

At the end of the day, neither projection, deflection, or any other clinical words, phrases, or diagnoses mean a damn hill of beans. PERCEPTION, my friends, is everything, and aside from our faith, is really the only thing we need to understand to navigate this whole life and “peopling” dealio. Perception is our ability to hear, see, become aware, and conceptualize things by using our senses.

What have any of you heard me say about what other people think of us? In case you’ve forgotten, let me remind you :: WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF US IS ABSOLUTELY NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! We are NOT what people think of us, we are what people think of THEMSELVES! So, please try to remember this the next time you think about letting the opinions of other people control your life or define you. Someone else’s opinion of you is merely a reflection of their own personal experiences, beliefs, and realities, and sometimes a reflection of a war that their battling within themselves. Only take what is useful and valuable from other peoples’ words, thoughts, and “opinions”. NOTHING MORE. NOTHING LESS. Only YOU know the size and shape of the shoes you’ve been walking in every single day since the minute you were born, and only YOU know how the comfort, fit, and style of those shoes have shaped YOU!

Now then, here’s yet another one of my tweaked-up renditions of one of my favorite songs. Listen to it as though you’re singing it to yourself, and let it wash right over you, lest you remember that although not a single one of them damn peoples’ nasty, misperceived opinions of you matters, YOUR SELF-REFLECTION DOES! In being honest and taking this even a step further, for me, personally, it’s only my self-reflection through God’s eyes that matters to me. But hey, you know what? My faith journey is my faith journey, and although I do so wish you ALL well on your own faith journeys, that’s a totally different Diary entry for another day. In the meantime, you just do whatever it takes to make friends with that person you see standing in the mirror , because like it or not, that beautiful creature looking back at you is your ride or die from this day ’til eternity! How you feel and what you think of YOU is EVERYTHING …

Are you looking for some validation like everyone else? Are you going through a transformation and losing yourself? Have you ever tried to make the pieces fit when you knew it wasn’t you? Are all the eyes looking in on you now making you unable to see?

Did you give off the wrong impression of somebody else? Have you made some bad decisions you’ll regret? Is that all you have left? Are you afraid of who you are? Can you be satisfied? If there’s a way to take it back, who will you find?

Who’s that stranger in the mirror looking back at you now? Are the illusions getting clearer? Are you lost and cannot be found? Do you even recognize your face, or are you just so out of place? Who have you become? Is there a stranger in the mirror? You’ve got to find a way out!

Stop running … running … RUNNING from you. You forgot who you once were. There’s a stranger in the mirror and you can’t be something you know that you’re not!

{“Real Cat” Adaptation to “Stranger In the Mirror” by Trapt}