APRIL 6, 2022: “What Would Elsa Do?” …

Long and potentially arduous story KINDA short, but then again, maybe not REALLY that short:

As Elsa from that “Frozen” movie once said over, and over, and over again … “Let ’em go! Let’ em go! Let all those driveway bullshitters GO!” Okay, so maybe that’s not how the song song really goes, but you HAVE to get my drift! NO THING and NO ONE is ever worth making yourself physically ill and literally “inflamed and swollen”!

If you are the one emitting the noxious, toxic fume that’s making the people around you physically ill, “inflamed and swollen”: DON’T BE A TOXIC WASTELAND! There’s a “Real Cat” name for you here in this Diary, and umm, do you really want to be thought of as a “Drinking Straw Parasite“?

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming, but not until you go ahead and listen to this oh so cliche’ freakin’ Disney princess song about why you need to just LET GO of the toxins in your life. Whether you’re ingesting them or emitting them … LET ‘EM GO!