DECEMBER 8, 2020: “Hey, Younger You – RISE UP!” …

~ Artwork by Ryze Black ~

First of all, my sincere gratitude to the talented young artist I’ve befriended on Instagram, Ryze Black, for collaborating with me on this project. I sent her the words for which I needed a backdrop late the night with a commission:

I need a superhero looking silhouette with a cape to go with these words. Can you do that?

This picture you see is the final result and I couldn’t be happier with it! In the meantime, please don’t forget for remember that “broken kids” aren’t always kids. Sometimes we’re adults. Treat yourself kindly, with patience, love, and respect, and validate yourself in all things always! TELL THAT BROKEN KID HIDING BENEATH YOUR SKIN THAT THEY’RE TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME AND THEY DIDN’T DESERVE TO BE BROKEN!


It’s everything! The first day in your adult life that you’re able to show that broken kid you once were (or the kid you never got to be) some empathy, grace, unconditional love, and compassion, will be the first day of the rest of your life. I call “that day” my second birthday, and yes, my friends, I remember exactly where I was when I began the reparenting of “younger me”. It was April 8, 2008, and it truly was the beginning of who I’ve become.

Much love to all of you “broken adult kiddos” out there. “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” Your cape will be waiting by the mirror! Find it. Accept it. Embrace it. WEAR IT! Let it adorn your “sick of being tired” shoulders and RISE YOU UP to who you’re waiting to become … your very own superhero – YOU!