MARCH 2, 2021: “My Naked Number” …

So, what’s YOUR “Naked Number”?

Mine is two! Only two men have ever really seen me naked, King One and King Two, and “only two” it may be forever. That being said, I am totally on board with “alone, not lonely” for the entirety of my journey if that’s what’s meant to be.

I mean, lookit! Have ya met me? I’m the happiest person I know and I’m my very best friend, and “me and me” have a SHIT TON of Light to shine and punctuating to do amid the unsuspecting masses. We’re doing alright on our own.


I have long believed that three is the number of perfection. Under optimal conditions, the all-consuming heat from my untamed heart could literally melt a diamond. I’m not a fan of being touched, so, any man worthy of getting close enough to me to hold not just my body, but my heart in his hands as well, is gonna have to be forged from ashes himself. The shadow of his Herculean wings will need to be even bigger than mine so that as he’s flying either above or behind me, everyone will see the flames of all my heart’s desires burning deep inside the fire in his eyes. His wings will need to eclipse the enormity of the two who led me before him, such that not only will he be confident enough to live with their lingering presences, even more so will he embrace and honor them in gratitude for the treasure they left for him to find. The only thing that can survive a living fire is living fire itself. The ONLY one who belongs with a queen is a king.

Only time will tell if there is to be one last king who gets to see me naked and read the very private the pages of my book, but DAMN he’ll be one lucky bastard. Trust me when I tell you, I really amnothing, everything, and ALL of it“. That’s what he’ll be, too.


I don’t know what am I looking for … I don’t know what I’ll find. It lies behind the door to another space and time. The riddle is a metaphor without a trace of rhyme. Don’t need a time machine to travel near and far. Went deep inside to reach a distant star. Things are never what they seem when you wonder who you are… who you are. Soul searcher! Soul searcher! Can’t hide – there’s no one there but me. Light reveals what’s never been shown – no mortal eyes can see. By yourself, but not alone, our soulmates set us free. And everything you’ve ever known is what was meant to be… it was destiny. Soul searcher! Take a look inside and tell me what do you see. Soul searcher! Can’t hide-there’s no one there but me. {Joe Lynn Turner}

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