FEBRUARY 7, 2023: “My Strangely Practical Magic” …

Believe it or not, I’ve been kinda laying low lately due to some painful revelations about my childhood and family. I was in the very early stages of starting to questioning everything again, but as it turned out, I really don’t need to question anything, so, I’m good! I had to bop myself on the head with my magically magic wand and sprinkle myself with pixie dust to remind myself of just who in Heaven AND hell I truly am again.

I’m an extraordinary, magical princess living in a magical fairytale kingdom, and no one and nothing takes my power from me unless I decide they can. I’m kinda legendary that way! Now I’m just sailing softly through the Sun in my not-so-broken stone age dawn, flying high over the meadows in my mind and making waves across my time.

As for the aforementioned magically MAGIC wand I wield, I shall not relinquish either it or its power from my hands until it’s time for me to place it in the hands of its next rightful owner, my daughter, who is also a strangely practical magical fairy princess living in a magical fairytale kingdom of her own, but instead of wearing a diamond encrusted tiara like her mom, she wears a heart of gold and the soul of a sage, mixed with sarcasm, dark eyeliner, a sketchbook, a pen, and a life-size skeleton who rides shot gun in her car year-round. Lol. Yup! That’s a true story! I mean, seriously, people? Did you think I would have any other kind of young woman apprenticing under me for up future reign in an EPIC monarchy of her own?

And one last thing …

Always remember that while some people in this world may look like pure magic, some people really ARE pure magic. It’s your job to learn how to tell the difference. Trust your intuition and that gnawing little feeling in your gut, because that’s your practical magic trying to POOF you to your power, and it’ll never let you down, I promise! Smoke and mirrors may make for a good show, but they’re usually just a distraction from the truth behind practical deceit and lies. In the meantime, keep on keepin’ it real all my pretties! With love, from your magical, fantastical, pixie dust schlepping queen … “REAL Cat”!

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