JULY 18, 2005: “The Little Star” …


Gloria Catherine, who soon became our “Gia” and yet another phoenix rising, finally graced us with her presence on July 18, 2005, about a year and a half after Gina Marie left us. She was then, and has since remained, the perfectly beautiful storm of a dancer who for so many years would just grab my face every morning and say, “I love you beautiful Mommy” as if she somehow intuitively knew that forcing me into that eye-lock was cleansing, preparing and allowing me to soar through each new day that has become our journey.

And so to, it was that my first true prince, my one and only son, has alongside his new sister remained one of my few and only heroes. Up until that, and sadly even more so in the years to come, he had seen, heard and felt more so much more than any human’s fair share of emotional turmoil, abuse and suffering. My babies were my lifeforce and every breathe that I was taking, and I was determined to find a way to get out of the web we’d all been born to. There is nothing I wouldn’t have done, given or sacrificed for either of their futures, up to and including myself.