MARCH 18, 2006: “Sweet Child O’ Mine” …



So many tears, so many prayers, so very many years! On July 18, 2005, God sent you to us, our Bitty Tiny Princess, our precious baby girl! By the time you are old enough to read this letter, you will no doubt have heard the stories (probably over and over again) about just what we went through to get you here and how very special you are! You are a miracle Gia, a true and living miracle!

As I am writing this, you are exactly 8 months old and already a shining star! You’re a constant joy in all our lives, making us endlessly laugh and smile. You should know that since the day that you were born not one of those days has passed that someone or another hasn’t commented on what a beauty you are … always smiling … always happy … and always with that sparkle in your eyes!

I promise you, Gloria Catherine, that I will do everything in my power to give you the best of what this life has to offer, not the least of which is love, security and home. You are surrounded by people who have been under your little spell from the minute you were born, especially your Daddy and Christian. These are the men who you adore most of all, and who no doubt you will be driving completely crazy by the time you turn 13! Oh, my Gia, what a life you have ahead of you! You are a treasure beyond measure beyond our wildest dreams! I will journey to you along the way, starting here with this first book, so that one day you can look back at the memories, the story of your life, and just how precious you are. Always remember, no matter what, that you are our Baby Angel!

Love Beyond Words,