AUGUST 12, 2011: “The Beautiful Day” …


… With A Beautiful Soul. Inspired and humbled to learn so much from a child not yet 20 years old who I am lucky enough to know and have grown to love and cherish, who spent “family dinner” with us last night while back home in Dallas and just about to head back to Cambridge, Massachusetts to his sophomore year at HARVARD! (And did I mention that he did this with EVERY possible roadblock facing him?)

This is a small excerpt from a conversation we had, which in and of itself could have reduced me to tears had the circumstances been a little different. Actually, it was the last thing on my mind before I drifted off to sleep last night and first thing on it when I was LUCKY ENOUGH to wake up! “How dare I complain about all the things I don’t have! I am SUCH an ass!” So ashamed of myself for my OWN lack of gratitude for some of the many gifts and opportunities I was simply GIVEN over the course of my lifetime thus far, some of which I squandered away and many of which I DID NOT appreciate at all. All of this has further allowed me to firm up a much healthier perspective as to the state of MY own life and where my life is going …

(C): So Rossi, what’s it like, standing on the campus I mean? How did it feel on your first day?

(R): Ethereal really. Had to keep pinching myself, sometimes still do, and ask, “What? Do I really actually belong here”? (Yes he DOES by the way!)

(C): Well how’s the food, your room, the surroundings? What’s it like there?

(R): Well I find the food quite palatable actually. So nice that I even have food to eat – and so many different varieties to choose from! Very nice! And my dorm room? Well I have a bed now – for many years I have slept on a couch so that my little brother could actually have the bed in our place! I hear lots of my classmates “complaining” about their accommodations quite a bit, but I can’t comprehend it. I suppose some of them have never really known what it’s like to go without. So then yes, my room is small, but I say it’s “cozy”. The bed is so comfy, there’s a nice little desk and a fairly comfortable chair to sit in. Hey, I’M AT HARVARD! I’m alive and healthy and happy! What on earth is their to complain about?

So then Rossi my love, your text to me last night, “You made today awesome for me. Thank you.” —- Nope kiddo, YOU made TODAY awesome for ME!  With the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE you properly burdened both myself AND my perspective with last evening, I say thank YOU! Love you so much you amazing, amazing, beautiful human being! I’m so very proud to know you!