MARCH 22, 2014: “How A Broken Toe May Have Saved My Life” …


Are you, like me, one of those who believes that EVERY single thing, and I mean EVERY tiny little thing, happens for a reason and purpose much greater than we can even fathom? Just a few hours ago the absolutely unthinkable almost happened to me for second time in my life I might add and be it not for a few quirky little mishaps that materialized in the last 24 hours from literally out of nowhere and for no “apparent” reason I believe in my heart of hearts I might no longer be here to write this.

Last night, I broke my toe simply walking by a piece of furniture in the dark. Snapped that sucker all the way to the left YES, I DID, and right then and there was the icing on the really horrible cake I’d been choking down this entire week! If you’ve ever broken your toe by the way, you know there’s not really much to do about it other than to just “snap it back” in place, tape it to the next one then go on about your merry way. Meanwhile, today I had not one, but two empty new builds to stage for my husband’s subdivision, so, I really couldn’t sit around whining about my toe.

When I’m in full “staging mode”, nothing slows me down until I am finished, so while at my first staging I heard a “non-family” text alert coming from the bottom of one of my bins, I thought about not checking it, because I still lots to do, but for no good reason that I can explain, did go ahead and stop to dig the phone out from the bottom of the bin.

I looked at the text and saw that it was from a client friend about how excited she was for the impending closing on their new home. For a split second I did turn to put the phone back inside the bin but then I stopped and looked down at my aching foot which was now turning purple from stepping on it all morning and made the decision to sit at the foot of the stairs that lead to the second-floor story of this house, give my foot a rest for a minute and answer the text to my client. Just as I sat down to and began reply to her, I heard the front door of the house open but just assumed it was my husband coming from his model home up the street to check in or say hi, so I never even looked up from my phone. Once I did, however, I found myself surrounded by three very large men, two of whom were wearing hoodies, and NONE of whom had any business inside a vacant $500K home in Las Colinas, Texas.

I immediately realized what was probably about to happen, and although I’m not quite sure how I managed to get that text to my husband, because quite frankly I was adrenalin dumping with panic, I did:

PLEASE COME NOW! I think I’m in trouble. Strange men here. 911. NO JOKE!

From there I just tried making small talk with them, two of whom were still standing directly before me as I sat at the foot of the stairs and one of whom was looking through all my staging bins, wandering through the other rooms and looking out each of the windows. Before I knew it the one who had been looking out the windows nodded to one of the others and they all rushed quickly out the door. Evidently, he had seen my husband sprinting up the street from his model home!

So, what do you think? Random coincidence with the aching foot and goofy text from my client? NOPE I DO NOT THINK SO! I believe that we all have an angel that God has personally assigned to us and that my angel was maneuvering right alongside me all afternoon urging me to go against my natural propensity to “not stop, not sit and not get on my phone while I’m working”. Be it not for the fact that I just so happened to have dug that phone out of the bin then sat down to return that text, such that my fingers were literally on the phone less than thirty seconds before those men entered that that house, I would have either been brutally assaulted or even dead today.

My emotions are raw right now and I’m feeling both blessed and traumatized. So, I’m gonna take a hot bath, say some prayers of gratitude and maybe swallow an anxiety pill as well. I’ll also be letting my husband hold me for the rest of the night until I fall safely asleep so that I’ll hopefully move past all this nonsense in the morning. And as for you Mrs. Martin? OMG – LOVE YOU GIRL! Thank you for texting me when I was working. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You can’t begin to imagine how grateful I am for you at this moment. I think YOUR angel must have been talking to MY angel this morning and you were supposed to call me.