OCTOBER 15, 2019: “Angels Unaware” …


This is NO JOKE but last night Gia and I had a real encounter with an angel! An actual angel named “Cassiel”! I have always believed in angels, and so has she, but this was surreal. The scariest part is that upon investigation as to “who is Cassiel” what we found was beyond! Cassiel is not just any angel, but rather, the Archangel known for watching the events of the cosmos unfold with little interference. He’s the angel of solitude and tears said to preside over the deaths of kings, and the patron angel “of all manner of overlooked people, or those in weakened states, including orphaned children and the downtrodden.” Cassiel is also the “angel of the planet Saturn”, whose protagonist is Zazel, “the demon of Saturn”, most known for infiltrating the minds of the psychologically weak and mentally ill. One last thing. Cassiel’s “planetary number” just happens to be 8, which, turned on its side is infinity. This was not only Zack’s favorite number (he was “supposed” to get an infinity tattoo with mine and Gia’s name on each end on Friday the 23rd had he not left us) but it was also his “Life Path Number”. We have both been seeing the number 8 everywhere, and, lest we forget that he “made the decision to die” on August 8th – “8/8”. Not too weird, right? Gia and I are both home today feeling a bit ethereal, in all the best possible ways. Maybe we are both insane?