AUGUST 23, 2019: (Just After Midnight) “One Thousand Apologies” …


There you stood in disbelief, trying all you could to see through these lies. And every word that I could breathe would find you more inclined to leave, but I tried. I tried. And knowing what I’ve done to you … with every thought you suffer through … my heart as black as evil can. And everything I could have been … erased by what I wanted then …I couldn’t think a lesser man.

So, now I reap what I have sown and any rapture I had shown has bled dry. And I walked the streets alone, accepting pain I’d never known as you died. You died. Then I hurt myself to see it, too … to feel the knife put in you … my heart as broken as my ways. I never should’ve let it pass … this fall was never meant to last … the reason gone and damage stays.

All the delicate ways that I deepened our graves. My apology pales.

Oh, the pain in your eyes … my regrets have never known such sorrow.
Oh, the shame that you hide … resolutions are the same tomorrow.

{Demon Hunter}