NOVEMBER 2, 2019: “The Homecoming Queen” …


Today a friend asked me if she could send Gia a song she’d heard that made her think about her, and although she’s a relatively new friend to us both, because of how and why we met she’s had an extremely “up close and personal” part of my daughter’s healing process. She’s gotten to know her very well and has seen directly into her heart, so when I listened to the song myself, I was absolutely floored! It truly is her perfect song:

But what if I told you the world wouldn’t end if you started showing what’s under your skin?What if you let ’em all in on the lie? Even the homecoming queen cries.

And guess what? It’s my perfect song as well! I’m thankful I finally found the courage to start speaking my truths, because living a lie wasn’t working for me at all! My daughter is an enigma in case you didn’t know – so much stronger and wiser than me on even my very best day. Fair warning to all who doubt the power she’ll wield when she finally starts speaking her truths: When all is said and done, SHE’LL be the force to be reckoned with and HER voice will put mine to shame! I may have been the one to begin acknowledging our familial toxicity and planting the seeds of change, but SHE’S gonna burn this entire forest down and sow and entire new one! She’s a Powerball of magic, just wait!

Sorry, I’m NOT sorry for all those simple minds that foolishly opted to use my daughter as a revolving door. She’s slowly but surely leaving them all in her dust and some of them may just end up choking on it. Such is life and so it may be. My “homecoming queen” will wear a sword on her hip, not a crown on her head. Just. Like. Me!


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