NOVEMBER 27, 2019: “I Think I See Gold” …



… and as I’m here now on doing everything within in my power to make this castle he left behind for us as merry and bright as possible under the circumstances I find myself very much alone, but then again not so much. Every day I’m faced with choices, some easier than others, and today I just had to work things out on my own, as in this conversation I had with “me” in the bathroom mirror: “Take a hot bath, blow out your hair, put on some make up and a warm, chunky sweater and leggings, fire up the Keurig, set out the peppermint Coffee Mate and a big bowl of candy, turn on some music, KNOW THAT HE IS WATCHING AND LET’S JUST DO THIS! And oh, REMEMBER THAT YOU’RE A QUEEN! His ONLY Queen, STILL your son and your daughter’s Queen, the Queen of your own heart, and guess what other King you belong to Cat Williamson? The GREATEST king of all, since before you were even born, so yah, YOU GOT THIS!” So guess what I’m doing today? EVERYTHING NOTED ABOVE!

Twenty something years ago I was sitting in the first Bible study I’d ever been to after I finally met Jesus in my friend Dee Holley’s living room and I will never forget the first time I heard a few of the most impeccably strung together words: “These lonely hours like a fire refining, something that’s precious, something that’s shining. There in the darkness surrounded by coals, it’s starting to glow … and I think I see gold! I’ve listened to this song daily for well over 20 years now, EVEN ON MY GOOD DAYS, as one of my many “survival” tools. Much love to all of you. Make it a good one and I will too! ~ Cat


I see you struggling every day. You think, How long Can I go on this way? On and on, again and again. Oh when will it end? You think, “I just can’t go on much longer”. But inside my friend your faith is growing stronger! You feel the fire burning deep in your soul. But I want you to know – that I see gold! I think I see gold in the fire! Right there in the ashes is all you’ve desired. Oh, it’s hard as you press toward the goal. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Don’t stop now. I think I see gold! Until this moment you’ve always believed when life grew darkest by faith you could see. Open your eyes – look for The Light. You see? You were right. These lonely hours like a fire refining something that’s precious. Something that’s shining! There in the darkness surrounded by coals is starting to glow.”  {Ray Boltz}