JANUARY 18, 2020: “Get Up” …


… because just in case someone out there needs to hear these words right now:

I know you’re clinging to the light of day to tell you everything’s A-OK! A medication don’t do much. Yeah, it just numbs the brain. Guess you might say I’m a little intense. I’m on the bright side of being HELL BENT! So, take it from me, you’re not the only one who can’t see straight. If you were ever in doubt, don’t sell yourself short, you might be bulletproof. It’s hard to move mountains when you’re paralyzed, but you gotta try. And I’m calling out … GET UP, GET UP, GET A MOVE ON!”

If I can do this,


Besides, if it doesn’t actually kill you, it really will only make you stronger, if not completely fucking BULLETPROOF! Now then: Go on … GET UP … get a move on! Oh, and, listen to one of my favorite songs EVER!