FEBRUARY 10, 2020: “My Reason Why” …

… and THIS is my reason “why”! Her opinion of me is really ALL that matters. Thank God I have this rising Phoenix daughter to reinforce this truth when life and the careless people in it break my heart, try and bring me down, and make me feel ANYTHING less than what I am. My well-intended and much-needed family time tonight ended up crashing and burning like a plane after some truly selfish and clueless former “friends” turned clients of mine said these words to me:

“You DO KNOW that when you chose to become a real estate agent THIS is the life you signed up for, don’t you? You need to be working 24/7, nights and weekends. Our best interest should come before your own.”

(“Anthony & Diane” … My Clients … My “Friends”)

Then, out of the blue, this sweet text from her and I’m all set! She’s absolutely right! Zack DID used to say “real estate shouldn’t make you cry”, and after reading what she wrote, I actually heard him saying those words to me. I am fucking Wonder Woman! I am awesome at my job! I do work 24/7, weekdays AND nights, even more so now that I’m a widowed, single mom and “the man of the house“. I knew exactly what I signed up for when I became a real estate agent, sooo, ZERO amounts of devaluation of me as either a person OR a professional will there be! It’s unacceptable and gross and never will I allow someone to speak to me that way again! With that, I will pick my face up off the ground and start again in the morning. As I lay my head down tonight, I am mindful of this fact: Her opinion of me really is all that matters at this point. Well, hers AND mine that is!