MARCH 15, 2020: “The Nature Of God” …

I’ve been a fan of the late British philosopher, Alan Watts, for quite some time. This particular lecture was my very first exposure to him and I’ve since listened to him as often as possible. His thought-provoking messages and ideals have a way of making you wonder, or as is the case with me, confirming what you already believe to be true.

Watts was known to be incredibly imaginative, if not stubborn in his vision, but at the same time open to the concept of “open-mindedness“. He was “black and white” and GREY, just like me, so, I feel a certain alchemy and connection to his spirit. I’ve had both my kids listen to him now, and they, too, are appreciative as they learn, grow, and expand their minds from his theories.

If you’ve never heard of him, I truly hope you’ll find him as fascinating as I do. It’s really nice to listen to him in a quiet, candlelit space with a blanket, a German Shepherd, a handful of snuggly cats, and a cup of Joe! WINK, WINK! Just sayin’!