MARCH 15, 2020: “The Nature Of God” …


I’ve long been a fan of the late Alan Watts, a British writer, lecturer, teacher and philospher. If you haven’t heard of, read, or listened to any of his lectures, I hope you find this as fascinating as I did when I first stumbled upon it. This particular piece was my first exposure to him, and I’ve since listened to as many of his lectures as possible. His messages, delivery and thought-provoking ideals just have a way of making you wonder, or, I suppose, as was the case with me, hard-core confirming what you’ve already come to believe. Watts was known to be incredibly imaginitive, if not stubborn and tunnel-visioned in his theories, but at the same time open to the concept of “open-mindedness”. He was “black and white” and GREY, just like me, and I feel very kindred to his spirit. I’ve been having both my kids listen to him by the way, and they too are appreciative, learning, growing and expanding their minds from his theories. At any rate, I truly hope you enjoy this. It’s really nice to listen to him in a quiet, candle lit space with a blanket, a German Shepherd, a few cats and a nice hot cup of coffee. Just sayin’ …  


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