APRIL 17, 2020: “When You Realize WHAT You Have Done” …

TeachThere comes a point in every parent’s life when all of a sudden it just hits them in the face, “WOW, this is how I’m doing.” A few nights ago this little 3am “quarantine conversation” happened with my beautiful, SPARTAN daughter, and indeed I was punched in the face with the reality that something I’m doing is RIGHT, and indeed my “legacy” is an enigma! Every mother’s child has that one special gift, DO NOT GET ME WRONG, but this child’s mother is in awe, and by the way: I MADE HER!

Good, strong leaders … the future “kings and queens” … are not accidents, they’re a CHOICE. A choice to dig our heels into the ground and lead by the best examples, not the least of which is “failure, loss, trauma and hardship are NOT excuses … they’re OPPORTUNITIES to rise up from the fallen ground and NOT become a victim”!

We can’t just tell them what they’re wings are made for then sit back and “hope for the best”. We have to actually show them! And if, like me, as an imperfect parent you somehow manage to break their wings while they’re learning how to fly? ACCOUNT to yourself, AND to them, APOLOGIZE for letting them down, then pick yourself up and try again … TOGETHER!

THIS VIDEO FROM MY YOUTUBE IS LONG, BUT WORTH WATCHING! Here’s to learning why the callouses on our feet can be a useful! And hey, future son-in-law, wherever in the world you are right now – YOU’RE WELCOME! Or, I’m sorry. Whichever is more applicable! 

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