JUNE 4, 2020: “Fred The Frog” …

Last night … well after midnight … on the porch … my daughter … “the frog” … the forgiveness … the very few people … who will ever understand … my heart … MY GOD … is so good … I am blessed … she is strong … no other words … that is all.


3 thoughts on “JUNE 4, 2020: “Fred The Frog” …”

    1. Margie, I cannot thank you enough for the love and support of my journey. I know sometimes my “delivery” gets a bit rough around the edges, but, my heart is what it is – flawed and a work in progress. Your support has been more “supportive and encouraging” than that of some of my “friends and family for years” and it means the world to me. Hoping you are well where you are. America is falling apart right now, literally, falling, APART! It’s making me sad. And somewhat hopeless. But then again? Not so much. Be well. ❤️


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