AUGUST 31, 2016: “Send Out The Cignal” …



I can see you running, running. Every night from the same darkness. It’s coming, coming. But you are not alone. If you just say the word, I’ll be there by your side. You make me more. You make me superhuman. And if you need me to I will save you. Send out the signal and I’ll fly low. If it means the death of me, I won’t let go. And if I’m lost in the worlds shadows I’ll use the light that comes to me from your halo. When you’re backed against the wall I could be the one who’s always there to break your fall. You are not alone. You’re the Sun. You’re the Day. The Light that guides me through. Never run, run away. I will save you. {Starset}

… that moment you’re unknowingly called to stage the house you built so many years ago, which very house is where your heart and soul were literally torn from within your being and the deconstruction of both yours and your son’s life began. And while I am so proud of myself for maintaining my composure as I walked room to room with the client as every haunting memory flooded me, to the point I couldn’t breathe, I find it no coincidence that Williamson just happened to be there. The irony is that just this morning we both agreed that even with all the personal growth and forward movement I have made since the day I left that life behind, there are still some things that I’ve yet I to let go of despite my insistence I already have. But God is good, and I know I had to walk back into that house for a reason and He EVEN had my best friend with me to help me safely fall apart when we got back in the car. That is all.